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A wide range of vehicle finance options are available to self-employed workers. The key is to determine which one best suits your needs and business cash flow. 


One of the pluses of running your own business is that you may be able to claim part of your car's costs including loan interest, as a tax deduction. This can make your choice of car – and vehicle finance, surprisingly affordable. 

Lenders generally look for income tax returns and accounting records to determine your income. So it's worth having these on hand when you’re ready to start taking test drives.

Approved Car Loans' brokers work closely with lenders, we are well-placed to negotiate on your behalf if your circumstances are out of the ordinary. It's something that can be far harder to achieve on your own.

• Have you recently become self-employed?
• Looking for a business car loan to maximise your tax benefits?
• Looking for a balloon/residual value or longer term to minimise your repayments?
• Looking for flexible repayment options to suit your business cash flow?
• Self-employed & need a car loan NOW?

At Approved Car Loans, we understand that when running a business, 'time' can be your most valuable commodity, that's why we have developed our unique 'lo doc' car loan option for ABN holders.

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